"Happiness is a freshly picked citrus Orange, busting with sweetness and vitality"

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Valencia: late ,midnight and alfa-Valencia

Navels : Washington and Cambria


Nova , Tambor and Minneola



What sets us apart?

Batlhako is producing one of the best quality citrus fruits in the North West Provience. Having been the first black owened farm to export in the Provience.

We prioritize quality over quantity with our sales being 12% juice production,23% fresh market and 65% export.

We dedicate a large portion of our profit to bettering the quality of our fruits in order to satisfy a larger portion of our market.

Global GAP certified , which is an international recognized standard for good agricultural practices in the farming industry


How Does it work

Dont worry , it is as easy as 1,2,3 no need for the hassle

Planting Process

In short, when we plant the trees, the soil should be well prepared to a depth of about 60cm, well-drained, but wet enough so that the roots won’t suffer moisture shock while not being so wet that clods start forming. The soil temperature should be above 20°C.


Fruits are harvested by cutting them off with pruning shears, clippers or by pulling the fruit stalk from the tree

Export and Sales

Citrus is a key fruit category in South Africa’s fruit industry. Citrus accounts for 32% of total fruit production in South Africa (in volume terms) and it is also the main